The Youth Department of the Association of Economists of Moldova

The Youth Department of The Association of Economists of Moldova was founded on 10-th of October in 2002.The actual DTAEM members are students at different faculties at ASEM recognize that by realizing different projects and activities in this department, they have learnt many useful things. First of all they have learnt how to use their knowledge in practice.

By realizing different projects, all the students have learnt the team-working technique and many useful skills.

What advantages do you have being a DTAEM member? Even if you make mistakes in realizing some activities, you can correct them, but being an employee, you will be dismissed immediately.

Being a DTAEM member, you have the possibility to achieve working and team-working experience; you can develop your personality and become a good specialist, by realizing many different projects. In such a way, becoming an employee, you will have already possessed many abilities, not only your diploma.

The goal of the DTAEM members is to achieve leadership skills, to become a real manager, to plan their careers.

So that ......

This page is for students, its a way of communication with firms, organizations, administration(all the people).

We want to increase our progress in all the fields; we want to be involved in the societys development!!!


The first step was made one autumn day, after a year of unrest and long searches. When you are small, nobody wants to take you into account and all the people want to grind you down. What can you do? This is the question that was put by the student. So he didnt lose the time by meditating and started to prepare, to build his own way, his own future by defining some major objectives. He understood that there was no favorable environment for this and he started his action by solving this problem.

The chosen solution was the following: to build a team of young and resolute people for protecting their human rights. The shortest way was the promotion of the values and advantages of the Association of Students from Management and Economy of Moldova (AIESEC),being guided and protected by the Association of the Economists in Moldova(AEM),the association that brings together all the important people from all departments of the Academy.

In such a way, the Youth Department AEM is born, thanks to the Academy of Economic Studies in Moldova (, which found necessary to develop the students activity in this way.

The foundation of the Youth Department AEM starts on the 10-th of October 2002.After a month, this Department had already 8 members that were selected from a group of 27 students.
Day by day, the things developed, there were adopted and developed different programs and projects.The students are confident that its up to them to obtain all these results.

A new development program was created by the Department,because of the necessity of implementing programs of big importance for ASEM and because of the number of members that was increasing. This program starts on the 27 march,2003.

The activity continues to be based on the building of projects partnership with the NGO-s from other countries, on the creation of a new campaign that is selecting new members when the study year begins and on the realization of the objectives proposed by ASEM.

We want this story to be completed by students as long as they exist!

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