The Youth Department of the Association of Economists of Moldova

General Information

The Association of Economists of Moldova (A.E.M.) was created in 1991, having as a goal to bring together all the economists forces and the increasing of their contribution in such process as the reforming of the national economy, the increase of the economic and social progress in the Republic of Moldova.

AEM is a professional, non-governmental, non-profit, autonomous organization. It does not belong to any political party and it brings together the economists interested in researching, training and the production branch of the economy.

The Associations activity is spread in all the country. It is based on the free agreement and the absolute equality of its members, on a fellow-like leadership, self-governing, democracy and transparency. It is guided by the Constitution, the laws of the Republic of Moldova and by the actual Statute.

The Association can become a member of the international, non-governmental organizations, can keep direct international relationships, sign agreements, involve in actions that are not in contradiction with the international commitments of the Republic of Moldova.

The Associations Goals

The Association of the Economists of Moldova has such objectives as:

to evaluate the creative potential of its members in order to promote their economical knowledge, to contribute to a constant, long-term economic development;

to study thoroughly such research activities connected with such problems as: the organization of the economic system, financial and banking problems, the territorial organization, social problems, the promotion of the concepts and competitive economys mechanisms;

to organize debates connected with the most important and actual problems, to propagate the experience in solving similar problems that other countries have;

to evaluate and promote the humanist, liberalistic and ideology-free, economic science;

to participate at the organizing of the economic permanent trainings that involve the economic staff through the process of permanent knowledge improvement;

to promote high moral values, professionalism and civil responsibility in order to improve the economists reputation in the society;

to contribute to the elaboration and improvement of the economic legislation;

to keep in touch with similar associations abroad, to realize the exchange of opinions, specialists and literature.

The statutory activities of AEM

In order to achieve its goals, The Association of Economists of Moldova is:

creating groups, specialization departments ,organizing scientific exhibitions in order to study and debate the theoretical problems and the practical ones of national and international aspects ;

organizing conferences, symposiums, viva voices, meetings in order to propagate the economic science and the ways of solving many actual problems;

participating at national and international competitions in order to obtain social orders, grants for researching and project-building, is suggesting to the leaders alternative ways of solving social and economic problems;

collaborating with professional scientific societies that activate in other fields, in order to research the economic processes via interdisciplinary plans;

publishing and republishing literature specialized in problems connected with economic theory and economic policy, economic press;

giving scientific and practical assistance to the economical units and main institutions either conventional or contract based;

contributing to the process of the improvement of the economic educational system, of development of the creative potential of the young economists, of organizing the economic students practice;

awarding prizes for the best researches in economy.

The Body of the Association is: The Associations Congress, The Associations Council, The Office of Executives, The Board of Censors.

The AEM potential

In AEM scientists, students and teachers hold their activity.
AEM created the newspaper Curierul Economic, founded in 1999 in number of 1000 copies.

The unfolded activities

1. The organization of the International Conference in partnership with ASEM, on the topic The lasting development of Romania and the Republic of Moldova European and world context scientific conference, 22-23.09. 2006.

2. The organization of the Seminar on the topic The Success in choosing the well-informed people, 25.10.2007.

3. The organization of the Seminar on the topicHow to elaborate a CV,how to pass an interview, 17.11.2007

4. In collaboration with ONG,New Life,the organization of the Seminar on the topic The quality of a successful business, 14.03.2008.

5. In collaboration with INRECO and ASEM,of the round table The municipal duties: problems and perspectives in the Republic of Moldova, 11.04.2008.

6. Training Seminar How to find a job,how to make a CV,how to pass an interview 17.05.2008.


1st of September 15 October the recruitment of the new members

25 September the Scientific and Practical International Conference dedicated to the economists day ________________________________________

The AEM address

Chisinau, str. B.Bodoni 59,
222400000101004 MDL
Banca Comerciala Romana, suc.Chisinau, RNCBMD2X
Cod fiscal: 107402

The AEM leader/chairman

Rector ASEM,
Doctor habilitat,
Profesor universitar,
Grigore Belostecinic

Acord Travel
Radio ASEM